This page is for photo albums that I wish to share with my friends and family.

bulletJMA WALKS - A larger group of us that used to work for James Martin Associates. We formed a walking group in the early 90s and we still go walking together today.
bulletJMA6 - A group of 6 of us that used to work for James Martin Associates. Similar to the Beeston 6 we like to travel to historic cities for long weekends away, we like walking in Ireland and other scenic places, pub quizzes and good food and wine.
bulletBMTG - Beeston Musical Theatre Group. Cheryl and I joined BMTG back in the days when it used to be BOS - Beeston Operatic Society. Cheryl still performs with BMTG but I have retired to patron status. These pictures are from their annual events such as their weekend away, the Annual Dinner Dance etc. Their website is here.
bulletFLYING - I learned to fly in 2001 and gained my private pilot's license with IMC and night ratings. I used to have a share in a Piper Warrior G-FLAV, however after I finished full time work I decided to stop flying.
bulletMOTOR CYCLES - I used to enjoy biking but now there is nobody left who I can go for rides with I have finally sold my bike and decided to hang up my helmet.
bulletBIG6 - A group of 6 of us from Beeston Musical Theatre Group. We like to go to show weekends in London, long weekend trips away, concerts and good food and wine.
bulletWORK - I worked for Intec Telecom Systems until May 2010 when they became a part of CSGI International. Whilst most business trips see little more than the inside of a hotel and offices, some do have good photo opportunities and these, few though they are, can be seen here. Currently I'm working on contract to Jumar Solutions - I don't really do business trips any more so my Jumar pictures will be mostly of social events.