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These items will be offered to friends at the price shown (shipping excluded). If they are not bought then they will be offered on eBay with the prices shown becoming the reserve. Contact me if you're interested.

  Portable Weather Station Image
bulletPortable Weather Station

This device is most useful when flying out of fields where there is no weather service available.

It contains the following:-

bulletAnemometer providing an accurate read out of wind speed
bulletWeather vane and compass that together give the wind direction
bulletBarometer with max and min markers
bulletTemperature with max and min markers
Runs from 2 x CR2032 batteries.
  Flight Planning Computer Image
bulletFlight Planning Computer

This device has all of the functionality of the "wheel" computer plus weight and balance and fuel calculations.
  Life Jacket Image
bulletOne child's inflatable life jacket never worn and in its original plastic packaging. (N.B. the picture of is an adult jacket).
bullet35mm camera - Canon EOS 1000FN SLR - NOTE this camera is not a digital camera - it uses 35mm film
offers c. 25

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