Jennie's Dogs (they need a home!)

Jenny and Tony had 2 dogs whilst they were living in Birmingham.

When they moved to Sheffield they were unfortunately unable to take their dogs with them. We used this page to try and find new owners for their pets.

Now the page remains as a memory of their dogs. This page was written in late 2003.

Kialo is a Lurcher-Terrier cross with some Alsation. She is a about 3 1/2 years old. Of the two, she is the more gentle but she is not used to being around children so she is a little cautious of them and would avoid them given the opportunity.
Snoop is also Lurcher-Terrier cross with some Collie. He is about 4 years old, more boisterous and friendly with children.

Both dogs have been spayed/neutered. They are obedient, friendly, have good road sense - will walk to heel, sit, lie down and stay on command. They get on very well with each other having been together since puppies.


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