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Eloise Faith, our first granddaughter, was born to Jennie on 02-Mar-04 at 18:51 weighing 7lbs 130z and these are her first pictures.

bulletEloise's 3rd Birthday
bulletOn the day of her birth
bulletJust 24 hours old
bullet 48 hours old with Bill, Cynthia and Lorinda
bulletDay 4
bulletAt Phoenix House with Jennie and Tony
bullet4-Apr-04 through 1-May-04
bulletEloise around her 1st Birthday


(Experimental) Videos. These are Real Media streaming videos, sized for 128kbps dual ISDN (so broadband is even better). So if you're slower than that then you probably can't play them. Video quality is getting better - the older video was not so good but is still worth viewing.

bulletEloise's 2nd Birthday
bulletLearning some tricks (10 months old) - 2,733Kb


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