What next in weather?

bulletThe ability to sign up for emails giving weather reports and weather alerts for the Ruddington, Nottingham area. At the moment the weather software that I use does not support configuring the reports and alerts differently for individual people so anyone signing up would receive the same set of messages. Currently these are as follows:-

bulletWeather reports at 09:30, 14:45 (just in time to fetch the kids from school) and 21:00

bulletAlerts as they occur triggered by the following extremes of weather:-

N.B. the RED items in the image above are switched OFF.

bulletLater, when I've figured out how to do it, and how to finance it, the ability to sign up for SMS messages containing the main ingredients of the above weather reports and alerts. This would be useful for when the recipient is abroad and unable or unwilling to use mobile data services due to the cost - SMS messages would be a cheaper option.

If you have any good suggestions as to what I could reasonably include then by all means contact me either through the online form or through the guestbook.