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I have two weather databases available online. The older one (DB1), built from my first weather station, contains data from 21-Aug-2002 13:35 GMT through to 11-Jul-2008 14:25 GMT, and the newer one (DB2) from my latest weather station contains data from 11-Aug-2008 00:24 onwards. So there is unfortunately a small gap between one weather station and the other. In case the information is useful, the weather station is situated at N52 53.877 W1 08.980.

To select data then mark each field that you require by ticking the Select box. To filter data then enter either a Max and/or a Min value. N.B. Start Date and End Date ought to be entered, if End Date is missing then today's date will apply. If Start Date is missing then 60 days will be used.

Data Available from each Database

Weather Information Field    Unit Available on DB1    Available on DB2 Min Max Select
Average Wind Speed Kts YES YES
Barometer hPa YES YES
Barometer Maximum hPa YES NO
Barometer Minimum hPa YES NO
Barometer Trend last hour NO YES
Cloud Height feet NO YES
Current Humidex NO YES
Current Weather Description NO YES
Current Windchill DegC YES YES
Daily Rainfall mm YES YES
Dew Point DegC YES YES
Forecast Icon NO YES
Gust Wind Speed Kts YES YES
Indoor Dewpoint Average DegC YES NO
Indoor Dewpoint Maximum DegC YES NO
Indoor Dewpoint Minimum DegC YES NO
Indoor Humidity YES YES
Indoor Humidity Maximum YES NO
Indoor Humidity Minimum YES NO
Indoor Temperature DegC YES YES
Indoor Temperature Maximum DegC YES NO
Indoor Temperature Minimum DegC YES NO
Max Av. Windspeed current day Kts NO YES
Max Daily Temperature DegC YES YES
Max Gust current day Kts NO YES
Max Humidex NO YES
Max Rain Rate on the day mm/hour NO YES
Max Windchill DegC YES YES
Min Daily Temperature DegC YES YES
Min Humidex NO YES
Min Windchill DegC YES YES
Monthly Rainfall mm NO YES
Outdoor Humidity YES YES
Outdoor Temperature DegC YES YES
Outside Dewpoint Maximum DegC YES NO
Outside Dewpoint Minimum DegC YES NO
Outside Humidity Maximum YES NO
Outside Humidity Minimum YES NO
Rain Rate mm/hour NO YES
Reading Date NO YES
Reading Day NO YES
Reading Hour NO YES
Reading Minute NO YES
Reading Month NO YES
Reading Second NO YES
Reading Time NO YES
Station ID NO YES
Station Name NO YES
UV Index UV(0-16) NO YES
Wind Direction YES YES
Wind Direction Maximum YES NO
Wind Direction Minimum YES NO
Wind Speed Minimum Kts YES NO
Yearly Rainfall mm NO YES
Yesterdays Rainfall mm NO YES
Start Date End Date

Dates need to be entered as dd-mmm-yyyy - for example 29-Sep-2008

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